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We are a full services Spanish Event located in The Bay Area. We can provide everything you need, food ,beverage, tables, chairs and linens . 


-Paella + Bar of Tapas and Pintxo

-Spanish Customize Menu in your kitchen

Paella is a Valencia rice dish that originated in the modern form around the mind in19 th century near lake Albufera , a lagoon in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. Most paella chef use a special type of rice and other key ingredients include saffron and olive oil .
There are different types of Paella :

Valencian Paella: white rice , green vegetables , meat  , beans and seasoning . 

Seafood Paella: calamari, mussels,  clean seafood, shrimps, clams and organic vegetables
Mixed paella: Mixes same ingredients with free-style combination of meat , seafood , vegetables and sometimes beans .  

Meat Paella: Mixes meat, chicken, and pork with organic and seasonal vegetables.

Black Mediterranean Paella: rice , calamari, clean seafood, cuttlefish , garlic , tomatoes  and fresh parsley .


The word "Tapas" is derived from the Spanish verb Tapar ,which means  "to cover ".
Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks in Spanish cuisine, they are very typical in Spain . They are very common in Madrid and Southern Spain

Pintxos : Are like tapas but sometimes better. They are traditionally pierced with a cocktail stick, to attach it to the piece of bread that they invariably came attached to. They are very common  in Northern Spain.


Salmorejo Cordobes with Jamon Serrano (seasonal)

Carrot soup with orange and ginger 

Artichoke cream soup with toasted Iberico ham

Lentil cream soup with foie and Jamon Serrano

Tortilla Española with caramelized onion

Tortilla Española with Chorizo

Tabla de Ibericos( jamon,chorizo,salchichon,lomo)

Pa amb tomàquet (artisan bread with tomato)

Jamon Iberico

Croquetas Variadas (mushrooms,spinach,ham,red pepper)

Spanish Olives with pickled pepinillo

Burrata cheese with Spanish Anchovies and marinated spinach

Goat cheese with Spanish Anchovies

Manchego cheese, Jamon Serrano and black tomato with quince

Manchego cheese with herbs de provence paté and quince

Brie with Jamon Serrano and strawberry

Zucchini roll with salmon and cream cheese

Ensaladilla Rusa with olives and tuna (salad)

Yellowfin tuna salad with olives

Sautéed garlic mushrooms mixed in a wine sauce

Parmesan eggplant au gratin

Roasted red peppers with goat cheese

Pork meatballs with fried peppers

Grilled chicken skewer with melon

Tortellini with a creamy Carbonara shot with bacon

Meat meatballs with shiitake and curry

* Special Bakery can be ordered with time